2250/H Day 14
Creative Non-Fiction vs Fiction—my Non-fiction lecture from last time’s readings

Sampler of multiple types of non-fiction:

Freewrite in class for Ex. 5 (may or may not use this for my 900-3000 word non-fiction): place memory, childhood memory, lost places, concrete details, oddities, emotions, why does it have power, does it have story, how does it differ to me now as a grown up:
Madison #1 elementary school…I drive by it sometimes when I visit my father in Phoenix, it’s fascade looking new like a new casino in vegas, like the Sands turned into the Wynn. the hallways seem so small now, like I wouldn’t fit, like my head might hit the ceilings, like my arms would scrape against the fake stucco of the walls…everything seems smaller when you return to it, like a miniature city with stick figure people…the playground jungle jim where girls put sand down my pants is now a bus round about and parking structure for kindergarden teacher’s Hyundai’s and Vespas.  The place where I learned to shoot a gun responsibly, or at least how to load the gun and not point it at my brother’s head, the temporary plank board building gone now, replaced with red stucco classrooms with large, energy efficient north facing windows, the field where we played dodge ball that turned into a mud swamp the year it rained for a day, where Cindy my neighbor and fantasy horse girl (and who wouldn’t want a fantasy horse girl at the age of 10) tried to rescue the shoe that the mud sucked off my foot.