Fiction Writing Links


Lee's Author Picks

Jeanette Winterson official web page

Jeanette Winterson links (a novelist)

Rick Bass - interview

Rick Bass - "Fiber," a nonfiction?

Rebecca Brown - bio

Rebecca Brown - a fan speaks

Sandra Cisneros - Ac. of Am. Poets
Sandra Cisneros
- Essay

Annie Proulx - about Close Range: Wyoming Stories

Annie Proulx - the story behind "Brokeback Mountain"

Amy Tan - Salon Interview

Junot Diaz - review

Rick Moody - an author with lots of film rights

Kate Haake - Book Review

Pam Houston - bio

Nadine Gordimer (nobel winner)

Lorrie Moore - interview

John Updike (by Joyce Carol Oates)

Jennifer Egan (a review--author of "Sacred Heart")

Jamaica Kincaid (an interview)

Gabriel Garcia Marquez (a magical realist)

Fiction Genres

The Prose Poem Journal (are they poems or stories?)...or read Holly Iglesias' Tapioca prose poem

Flash Fiction - Robert Hill Long from

Minima - Flash Fiction online

Literary Science Fiction - an article

2 Interviews with Fantasy and Sci Fi Writers

Children and Young Adult Writing

The Leading Edge, BYU's national SciFi Mag (no sex, please!)

The Gothic Romance


Getting Ideas

Contemporary Museum of Art (Chicago)

Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles)

Narrative as social contract.

Salt Lake Tribune

The Onion (a news lampoon)

A Dictionary of Symbols


Modern Fiction Studies (a journal)

Voice Literary Supplement (reviews)

Philosophy and Literature (a Journal)

Writer's Magazines

Poets & Writers Magazine

Writer's Write (an internet writer's journal) The Writer's Resource

American Night Writers (Mormon women writers)

Student Picks

Annual Novel Writing Contest

Check Your Horoscope Before Writing (from Brezny, just in case)

Metaphors and Similes Gone Wrong...

The Experimental

Web Del Sol (see the e-scene)

Zoetrope--All Story (submit work over the web)

ubuweb (freaky concrete/conceptual)

Kudzu, an on-line journal

Alt-X - where the digerati meet the literati

Fiction Warehouse (ooooh)

Alt-X E-Publishing (fiction and hypertext)

Hyperizons hypertext fictions

Twelve Blue a hypertext fiction by Michael Joyce

The Traditional

Glimmer Train Magazine


Story Quarterly

The New Yorker

Black Warrior Review

Quarterly West The UofU's national literary journal

The Albion Review an undergraduate journal

Delos an undergraduate journal (I don't know this one)

Other Voices

Zyzzyva, a West Coast Magazine

Scribendi, the national undergrad. honors journal

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