Ex.2 Metro pp. 18-19 Inhabiting and Transforming a poem


Work on 1-3 on your own, then upload 4-6/7 to Canvas Discussions.

    1. Lee will give each group a poem for this assignment (if not, pick a poem from course readings or links in Metro or Ariel, then copy it by hand or in your computer). Write down your first reactions to it (your group may have given you many ideas)
    2. Read the poem again and retell it’s story in four or five sentences.
    3. Speculate about the narrator (persona) of the poem and/or the person (character) the narrator may be writing about (if there is one).
    4. Rewrite this poem as a reversal—reverse the situation, the gender of the persona (narrator), reverse the images (from big to small), or change the point-of-view—you decide what these things means. If the first line is, "You're a girl" your reversal line could be "You're a boy."
    5. Find a prose passage in a story collection or better yet from the newspaper and cut the passage into lines the same way you poem from #1 cut into lines (same number of words or syllables per line; or similar phrase or sentence breaks; similar stanza breaks).  If the poem uses indentations, you do the same for the newspaper prose.
    6. Choose three words from the newspaper poem and freewrite about each for 2-3 minutes.  Then write your own small poem using those three words and any of the freewriting, but you can write the whole poem on any subject. Be sure to follow the #1 poem's lines, line breaks, and stanza breaks using those three words somewhere (If your poem is neo-formal, follow the end rhyme scheme and syllable line counts too).