Final Book Project

For your final project in this class, you are to create a special “book” within which you can place four of your best works, one from each genre.  Book making is a big part of the creative writing world, but it can also be a way for you to tap into your more visual side, and take a mental break from the world of words.

The Works:
Of course, you should try to include well-revised pieces in this book.  You can include more works in this book, but you will need to flag the ones you want me to focus my grading on.  In a book, you often also want to try for some kind of thematic unity between pieces, but this may not work for all of you.  Be aware that deep revisions often take a lot of time (time we don't often have in a survey course like this).

The Book:
You can make any kind of book you like depending on the effect you want it to have on the works within, or on your own personal creative fetishes.  Some authors like to put appropriate photos on their more traditional book covers.  Some like collages.  Some like fetish objects.  Some authors like to bind their work with glue.  Others like to sew the work together, while some like books that can be re-used/re-filled.

Format your writing in a way that makes the book look professional or interesting based on the emotion or idea you want to set for your pieces.  You might want to use a special font, or graphics and drawings, or graphical lines to offset pagination.

Show And Tell Final Exam:
All students will probably show the class their books, explain their aesthetic choices, and read a very short segment from one of their works.  Each student will only have 4 minutes without exception for this display/reading, so plan accordingly.  Be sure you rehearse your reading in advance.  The rule for reading prose is 1 page of doubled-spaced prose takes 2 minutes to read.  For poetry, it depends, of course, on the density and length.  Time yourself in advance.

Book and Writing Revision Due Date:
See the calendar for the final exam due date.

When and Where to Pick Up Your Book:
I will have books available after grades are due, the Tuesday after finals week.