1010 Mid-Term Assignment for Lee




When you come to meet with me during individual consultations (be sure to sign up—you can remind yourself of the time above), please bring the following things:


  1. Please write down 2 or 3 good questions about writing/rhetorical concerns, and documentation:




  1. What grade do you think you should be getting in the class thus far, and why do you think you deserve this grade (think about attendance, quality of writing, homework diligently read, workshop participation, and effort and engagement, )?  Answer honestly, not giving yourself too much or too little credit.


  1. Reflective Self-Evaluation: Reflective writing is writing that describes and evaluates how you think you have progressed based on what you knew at the start of the semester and what you know now (see Chapter 25).  What have you learned about writing and reading from our readings, our discussions, from keeping a journal, from reading essays, from writing, from giving and getting comments, and from doing self-reflections on your own final drafts (these are just ideas—you don’t have to respond to each category)?  In other words, how has your writing and awareness of writing changed thus far (if you word process this, please attach to this sheet, otherwise respond below)?