Your Reading and Writing Journal

A journal is what almost every writer uses to gather ideas, write to explore, think about other writing, and even draft. We have done all this in our journal and often during class, so everyone should have most of their entries done by now. A journal is not something you slap together for me at the last second with hasty entries and half-hearted attempts at thinking. I want to see real engagement. Real exploring and trying ideas out and working with writing/reading processes strategies. If the journal looks slapped together, I'll take 30 points off the total (I've upped the journal to 100 points).

The length of each journal entry varies. Reading or essay responses should be at least page long or longer. Some freewrites should last 10 minutes. Some should last 20 minutes. Length here will depend on your writing speed.

As I said in class, I will collect your journals for a quick review on Monday. If you have a computer journal, you can send the files to me via E. Mail. If you have done freewriting and idea mapping journal activities on your computer, be sure to include printouts with your journal.

You should have about 16 or 17 journal entries at this point on the following subjects by the midterm:

--10 problems or dilemmas

--your writing attitudes

--Rockwood essay response in ch. 1

--Pratt essay response in ch. 1

--brainstormed/freewritten questions for essay 1

--longer freewrite for essay 1 (in class)

--are you a dualist or relativist?

--your opinions on homelessness

--idea map on homelessness get tough policy

--ch. 2 "women in science" essay response

--believing and doubting argument statement choices

--believing and doubting first freewrite (in class)

--5 interesting theses

--pick an interesting thesis and freewrite or idea map for 10 minutes

--ch. 6 Tattoo essay response

--ch. 6 Tattoo essay 4 questions answered (began in class)

--you may also have notes from outside lectures in your journal


You should have the following in your journal by the end of the semester:

--A page of PAGS analyses on the four ch. 6 readings (this is probably on a separate sheet of paper outside of your journal)

--Some of you MAY have freewrites and drafts of summaries and strong responses in your journal.

--Some of you MAY have responses for your strong response ch. 6 reading (with and against the grain freewrites).

--Russel reading response.

--Brainstorm of pivotal moments.

--Heat-Moon reading response (with a rhetorical question focus).

--*Masks* reading response (with rhetorical focus).

--Freewrite about the significance of two pivotal moments (see p. 149-50).

--Some of you MAY have autobiography freewrites dealing with plot (p. 146), character (p. 148), and/or setting (p. 148-49) based on questions in our text.

--*Making My Mark* reading response (with rhetorical focus).

--*Bart* reading response (with rhetorical focus).

--Annie Dillard reading response (in ch. 19; with rhetorical focus).

--*Mail Order Bride* reading response (using the questions at the end)

--*Hospices* reading response (using the questions at the end).

--Jane Tompkins reading response (using the questions at the end).