Here is your final exam and a few reminders.

The following things are due the last day of the last week of class (see calendar):

--Your Ch. 8 Exploratory Essay (see handout).

--Your Research Log and Printed Articles

--Your course Journal (see E. Mail for a list of what you need)

The following things are due during your final exam period (see calendar):

--This final exam sheet is due to my office, FA 715.

--After leaving this sheet for me, pick up your any graded work outside my office.


--For your ch. 8 exploratory essay, what are your essay's greatest strengths?

--What are your essay's biggest problems?

--What have you begun to learn about research and writing with sources by doing this last essay?



What grade do you think you should be getting in the class, and why do you think you deserve this grade (think about overall grades received, attendance, engagement, quality of writing, writing process, workshopping, journals, and homework diligently read)? Answer honestly, not giving yourself too much or too little credit.