Unit 5 “Portfolio” Cover Letter for Lee Mortensen's ENGL1010 Class
last revised 12/6/17



This final assignment evaluates your assignments in order for you to learn more about yourself, but to also make notes about your accomplishments this semester. This is not an evaluation of the course or the instructor. You will be able to review these things at MyUVU before the end of the semester. This letter self-evaluates the main essays you've written, the writing process you've worked with, and what you want to do with your new knowledge and confidence in your future.


You want to use your evaluation to help give advice to a High School student (or a younger self) who is thinking about college and all of it's difficulties which might disuade them from going. Aa student in high school (16-18 years old) who wants to know more about the realities of taking a college class and specifically a writing class.  What about critical reading and writing would help these young folks do better with, or how can you help them be better prepared?

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