Look critically at your draft, get responses, and revise multiple times!
Be sure you’ve read EA ch. 15 and 13 carefully, and that you've read the assignment handout. Once you have a complete draft, read it over carefully, focusing on your evaluation, the reasons and evidence you provide as support, and the way you appeal to your audience. If possible, ask others—your workshop group, your professor, a writing center tutor, classmate, or friend—for feedback. Be sure to give your readers a clear sense of your assignment or purpose and your intended audience. Here are some questions that can help you or others revise:

1. Is the evaluation stated explicitly? Is there a clear thesis—and if not, is one needed at the top or bottom of the essay? How well does the introduction capture the audience’s interest? How well does it establish your authority as a reviewer? Does it make clear what the review is about? How will it engage your audience’s interest? How else might it begin? 10 points





2. Is the subject described or summarized sufficiently for your audience? Is any additional description or background information needed? How much of the review is description and how much is evaluation—and does the balance seem right for the subject and purpose? 10 points





3. What are the criteria for the evaluation? Are they stated explicitly—and if not, should they be? Do the criteria seem appropriate for the subject and audience? Are there other criteria that should be considered? 10 points





4. What good reasons, evidence, and analysis support the evaluation? Will your audience be persuaded? What other viewpoints do you consider, and how well do you respond to these views? Are there other views you should consider out of a sense of fairness? If these are from other sources, is the MLA in-text and works cited documentation correct? 10 points





5. How would you describe the stance and tone? Are they appropriate and authoritative? What words or details create that impression? 10 points





6. How is the draft organized? Is it easy to follow, with clear transitions or coordinating conjunctions from one point to the next? 10 points





7. What about design? Should any material be set off as a list or chart or table? Are there any illustrations—and if not, should there be? 10 points





8. Is the stylechoice of words, kinds of sentences, level of formality—appropriate for the intended audience? 10 points





9. How does the draft conclude? Is the conclusion decisive and satisfying? How else might it conclude? 10 points





10. Is this a fair review? Even if readers do not agree with the evaluation, will they consider it fair? 10 points