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Type Set Transcription of 3a

Manuscript Lines 45-55

Here is the type set transcription corresponding to lines 45-55 in The Wanderer Manuscript. You may link back and forth using the back button on your browser, or you may use the other links on this page to go to other related pages.  

**Remember Manuscript lines are not synonymous with the line of the Wanderer in its poetic format.

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Manuscript Line 45-55

wita scealge ■yldig nesceal no to hatheort netohrŠd

wyrde neto wac wiga neto wan hydig neto forht neto fŠgen neto

feohgifre nenŠfre gielpes togeorn Šr he geare cun

ne. beorn sceal gebidan ■onne he beot sprice­ o■■Št

collen fer­ cunne gearwe hwider hre■ra gehygd hweor

fan wille. Ongietan sceal gleaw hŠle hugŠstlic bi­ ■onne

ealle ■isse worulde wela weste stonde­ swanu missenlice

geond ■isne middan geard winde biwaune weallas ston

da■ hrime bihrorene hry­ge ■a ederas woria­ ■awin

salo waldend licga­ dreame bidrorene dugu■ ealge crong

wlonc biwealle sume wig fornom ferede infor­ wege sum


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