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Type Set Transcription of 1b

Manuscript Lines 12-22

Here is the type set transcription corresponding to lines 12-22 in The Wanderer Manuscript. You may link back and forth using the back button on your browser, or you may use the other links on this page to go to other related pages.  

**Remember Manuscript lines are not synonymous with the line of the Wanderer in its poetic format.

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Manuscript Lines 12-22

georne dreorigne oft inhyra breost cofan bindaš

fęste swa ic mod sefan minne sceolde oft earm cearig

ešle bidęled freo męgum feor feterum sęlan sižžan

geara iu gold wine mine hrusan heolstre biwrah ond

ic hean žonan wod winter cearig ofer wažena ge bind.

sohte sele dreorig sinces bryttan hwęr ic feor ožže

neah findan meahte žone že inmeoduhealle mine

wisse ožže mec freond lease frefran wolde weman mid

wynnum watseže cunnaš husližen biš sorg togefe

ran žamže him lyt hafaš leofra geholena waraš hi

ne wręc last nales wunden gold ferš loca freorig


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