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Type Set Transcription of 1a

Manuscript Lines 1-11

Here is the type set transcription corresponding to the first eleven lines in The Wanderer Manuscript. You may link back and forth using the back button on your browser, or you may use the other links on this page to go to other related pages.  

**Remember Manuscript lines are not synonymous with the line of the Wanderer in its poetic format.

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Manuscript Lines 1-11

Oft him anhaga are gebide metudes miltse eahe

he mod cearig geond lagu lade longe sceolde hreran

mid hondum hrim cealde s wadan wrclastas wyrd

bi ful ard. Swa cw eard stapa, earfea gemyndig

wrara wl sleahta wine mga hryre. Oft ic sceolde

ana uhtna gehwylce mine ceare cwian nisnu cwic

ra nan ic him modsefan minne durre sweotule

asecgan ictosoe wat t bi ineorle indryhten eaw

t hehis fer locan fste binde healdne his hord

cofan hycge swahe wille. Nemg werig mod wyrde wi

stondan nese hreo hyge helpe gefremman. foron dom


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