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The Wanderer in Poetic Form 

Lines 34-51

Each word in the poem below is a link to its dictionary information in the glossary.  Additionally by clicking the & symbol at the end of any line, you can hear that line pronounced in Old English. 

Poetic Transcription Lines 34-51

Gemon he selesecgas         ond sinc■ege,                                 &

hu hine on geogu­e         his goldwine                     (35)            &

wenede to wiste.         Wyn eal gedreas!                                    &

For■on wat se ■e sceal         his winedryhtnes                               &

leofes larcwidum         longe for■olian,                                            &

­onne sorg ond slŠp         somod ŠtgŠdre                                    &

earmne anhogan         oft gebinda­.                        (40)                   &

■ince­ him on mode         ■Št he his mondryhten                            &

clyppe ond cysse,         ond on cneo lecge                                        &

honda ond heafod,         swa he hwilum Šr                                        &

in geardagum         giefstolas breac.                                                       &

­onne onwŠcne­ eft         wineleas guma,                (45)                    &

gesih­ him biforan         fealwe wegas,                                        &

ba■ian brimfuglas,         brŠdan fe■ra,                                        &

hreosan hrim ond snaw,         hagle gemenged.                                &

■onne beo­ ■y hefigran         heortan benne,                                    &

sare Šfter swŠsne.         Sorg bi­ geniwad,                (50)                &

■onne maga gemynd         mod geondhweorfe­;                                &


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