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The Wanderer in Poetic Form 

Lines 1-17

Each word in the poem below is a link to its dictionary information in the glossary.  Additionally by clicking the & symbol at the end of any line, you can hear that line pronounced in Old English. 

To the right of each line will appear a & symbol. Clicking the & symbol will launch a wave file of that line of poetry. Click Here to hear a 16 Line Sample (Lines1-16).

The Wanderer in Poetic Transcription

Oft him anhaga         are gebideš,                    &

metudes miltse,        žeah že he modcearig                    &

geond lagulade         longe sceolde                    &

  hreran mid hondum         hrimcealde ,                     &

wadan wręclastas.         Wyrd biš ful aręd!              (5)      &

Swa cwęš eardstapa,         earfeža gemyndig,                    &

wražra węlsleahta,         winemęga hryre:                    &

"Oft ic sceolde ana         uhtna gehwylce                     &

mine ceare cwižan.         Nis nu cwicra nan                     &

že ic him modsefan         minne durre                (10)    &

sweotule asecgan.         Ic to sože wat                    &

žęt biž in eorle         indryhten žeaw,                    &

žęt he his feršlocan         fęste binde,                     &

healde his hordcofan,         hycge swa he wille.                    &

Ne męg werig mod         wyrde wišstondan,                 (15)   &

ne se hreo hyge         helpe gefremman.                    &

Foršon domgeorne         dreorigne oft                            &


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