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Translation Three Manuscript Section 4a

lines 99-113

The Wanderer 

Translation by Michael Alexander

(lines 99-100)

The earls are off-taken by the ash-spear's point,

- That thirsty weapon. Their Weird is glorious.

(lines 101-05)

Storms break on the stone hillside,

The ground bound by driving sleet,

Winter's wrath. Then wanness cometh,

Night's shade spreadeth, sendeth from north

The rough hail to harry mankind.

(lines 106-113)

In the earth-realm all is crossed;

Weird's will changeth the world.

Wealth is lent us, friends are lent us,

Man is lent, kin is lent;

All this earth's frame shall stand empty. '

So spoke the sage in his heart; he sat apart in thought.

Good is he who keeps faith: nor should care too fast

Be out of a man's breast before he first know the cure:

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