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Translation Three Manuscript Section 3b

lines 83-99

The Wanderer 

Translation by Michael Alexander

(lines 83-84)

Dealt to death; one his drear-checked

Earl stretched in an earthen trench.

(lines 85-91)

The Maker of men hath so marred this dwelling

That human laughter is not heard about it

And idle stand these old giant-works.

A man who on these walls wisely looked

Who sounded deeply this dark life

Would think back to the blood spilt here,

Weigh it in his wit. His word would be this:

(lines 92-93)

'Where is that horse now? Where are those men? Where is the hoard-sharer?

Where is the house of the feast? Where is the hall 's uproar?

(lines 94-96)

Alas, bright cup! Alas, burnished fighter!

Alas, proud prince! How that time has passed,

Dark under night's helm, as though it never had been!

(lines 97-99)

There stands in the stead of staunch thanes

A towering wall wrought with worm-shapes;

The earls are off-taken by the ash-spear's point,

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