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Translation Three Manuscript Section 2b

lines 51-65

The Wanderer 

Translation by Michael Alexander


Remembered kinsmen press through his mind;

He singeth out gladly, scanneth eagerly

Men from the same hearth. They swim away.

Sailors' ghosts bring not many

Known songs there. Care grows fresh

In him who shall send forth too often

Over locked waves his weary spirit.

(lines 58-63)

Therefore I may not think, throughout this world,

Why cloud cometh not on my mind

When I think over all the life of earls,

How at a stroke they have given up hall,

Mood-proud thanes. So this middle earth

Each of all days aeth and falleth. '

(lines 64-65)

Wherefore no man grows wise without he have

His share of winters. A wise man holds out;

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