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Translation Three Manuscript Section 2a

lines 34-51

The Wanderer 

Translation by Michael Alexander


How in his youth his gold-friend

Gave him to feast. Fallen all this joy.

(lines 37-44)

He knows this who is forced to forgo his lord's,

His friend's counsels, to lack them for long:

Oft sorrow and sleep, banded together,

Come to bind the lone outcast;

He thinks in his heart then that he his lord

Claspeth and kisseth, and on knee layeth

Hand and head, as he had at otherwhiles

In days now gone, when he enjoyed the gift-stool.

(lines 45-50)

Awakeneth after this friendless man,

Seeth before him fallow waves,

Seabirds bathing, broading out feathers,

Snow and hail swirl, hoar-frost falling.

Then all the heavier his heart's wounds,

Sore for his loved lord. Sorrow freshens.


Remembered kinsmen press through his mind;

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