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Translation Two Manuscript Section 4a

lines 99-113

The Wanderer 

Translated by Benjamin Thorpe

(lines 99-113)

The men has swept away         the spearmen's band,         (99)

the slaughter-greedy weapon,         and fate omnipotent

and these stone shelters         storms dash,

fierce-rushing;         binds the earth

the winter's violence;         then comes dusky,

darkens, the shade of night,         from the north sends

the rough hail-shower,         to men's grievance.         (105)

Irksome is all         the realm of earth,

the fates' decrees change         the world under heaven:

here is wealth transient,         here is a friend transient,

here is man transient,         here is a kinsman transient;

all this place of earth         hall become desolate.'--         (110)

so spake a sage in mind,         sat apart in meditation.

Good is he who holds his faith.         Never his affliction too quickly should

a man from his breast make known,         unless he ere the remedy can

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