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Translation Two Manuscript Section 3b

lines 83-99

The Wanderer 

Translated by Benjamin Thorpe

(lines 83-99)

by death hath separated;         one with gory countenance,

in an earth-grave         a man hath hidden.

So o'erwhelm'd this world         the Creator of men,

till that of the inhabitants,         in the briefest moment,

the old works of giants         stood desolate.         (87)

But he who this wall'd place         wisely devis'd,

and this dark life         profoundly contemplates,

wise in spirit,         afar oft remembers         (90)

his many battles,         and these words utters:

Where is horse, where is man?         where is the treasure-giver ?

where are the festive sittings ?         where are the joys of the hall?

Alas bright cup !         alas mail'd warrior !         (94)

alas chieftain's splendour !         how the time has pass'd,

has darken'd under veil of night,         as if it had not been.

Stands now behind         the beloved warriors

the wall of wonderous height,         with worm carcases foul.

The men has swept away         the spearmen's band,         (99)

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