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Translation Two Manuscript Section 2b

lines 51-65

The Wanderer 

Translated by Benjamin Thorpe

(lines 51-65)

when his friends' remembrance         through his mind passes;

when he greets with songs,         earnestly surveys

the seats of men,         swims again away.

The spirit of seafarers,         brings there not many

known songs:         but care is renew'd         (55)

to him who must send         very abundantly

over the billowy mass         his weary spirit;

therefore I cannot think,         throughout this world,

why my mind         it saddens,

when I the chieftains' life         all consider;         (60)

how they suddenly         their halls resign'd,

the proud kinsmen.         So this mid-earth

every day         declines and falls;

therefore may not become wise         a man, ere he has pass'd

his share of winters in the world.         The sagacious must be patient,

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