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Translation Two Manuscript Section 2a

lines 34-51

The Wanderer 

Translated by Benjamin Thorpe


he remembers the hall-retainers,         and receipt of treasure;

how him in youth         his bounteous patron         (35)

train'd to the feast;         but pleasure all has fall'n;

for he knows who must         his dear lord's,

his lov'd master's lessons         long be depriv'd of,

when sorrow and sleep         at once together

a poor solitary         often bind,         (40)

that seems to him in mind,         that he his lord

embraces and kisses,         and on his knee lays

hands and head,         as when he ere at times,

in former days,         his gifts enjoy'd;

then wakes again         the friendless mortal,         (45)

sees before him         fallow ways,

ocean fowls bathing,         spreading their wings,

rime and snow descending         with hail mingled;

then are the heavier         his wounds of heart,

painful after dreaming;         sorrow is renew’d,         (50)

when his friends' remembrance         through his mind passes;

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