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Translation Two Manuscript Section 1b

lines 17-34

The Wanderer 

Translated by Benjamin Thorpe

(lines 17-34)

even the ambitious         a sad one oft

in their breast's coffer         fast bind.

So I my         thoughts must,

oft miserable,         from country separated,         (20)

far from my friends,         in fetters bind,

since that long ago         my bounteous patron

earth's cavern cover'd,         and I abject thence

went, stricken with years,         over the billowy mass;

sad sought the hall         of some munificent lord,         (25)

where I far or near         might find

one who in the mead-hall         my ** might know,

or me friendless         would comfort,

allure with pleasure.         He knows who tries,

how hapless is         care as a comrade         (30)

to him who little has         of faithful friends;

him an exile's track awaits,         not twisted gold;

a trembling body,         not earth's riches:

he remembers the hall-retainers,         and receipt of treasure;

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