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Translation Two Manuscript Section 1a

lines 1-17

The Wanderer 

Translated by Benjamin Thorpe

(lines 1-17)

‘Oft the lonely one         experiences compassion,

the Creator's kindness;         though he with sorrowing mind,

o'er the watery way,         must long

agitate with his hands            the rime-cold sea,

go in exile tracks;         his fate is full decreed.'--         (5)

So said a wanderer,         of his hardships mindful,

of hostile slaughters,         his dear friends' fall.--

' Oft I must alone,         each morn,

my care bewail:         there is now none living,

to whom my thoughts         I dare         (10)

tell openly.         I in sooth know,

that it is in man         a noble quality,

that he his soul's coffer         fast bind,

hold his treasure.         Strive as he will,

the weary-minded cannot         fate withstand,         (15)

nor the rugged soul'd         help effect;

even the ambitious         a sad one oft

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