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Translation One Manuscript Section 4a

lines 99-113

The Wanderer 

Translated by Robert E. Diamond

(Lines 99-114a)

                                                    . . . (99) The force

(lit. forces) of ash-wood spears destroyed the warriors,

weapons greedy for slaughter, (and) fate, that famed (one),

and storms beat upon these stone slopes (walls?), a driving

(lit. falling) snowstorm binds the earth, the howling of

winter, when (it) comes, (all) dark, the shadow of night

grows dark, sends from the north a fierce hailstorm, to the

vexation of men. (106) All the kingdom of the earth is full of

hardships, the decree of the fates changes the world under

the heavens. (108) Here wealth is transitory, here friend is

transitory, here man is transitory, here kinsman is transitory,

this whole foundation of the earth is becoming empty.

(111) So spoke the (man) wise in spirit, sat apart in secret

meditation. Good is he who keeps his pledges, nor ought a

man ever (lit. never) make known the grief from out of his

breast too quickly, unless he, the man, should know beforehand

how to bring about a remedy with fortitude.

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