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Translation One Manuscript Section 3b

lines 83-99

The Wanderer 

Translated by Robert E. Diamond

(lines 82b-99)

                                                                         . . .  the

gray wolf shared one with death; a sad-faced man hid (i.e.,

buried) one in a grave.

(85) Thus the Creator of men laid waste this dwelling-

place, until the old works of giants (i.e., buildings) stood

vacant, without the noise of the inhabitants. (88) He then

thoughtfully (lit. wisely) reflected upon this place of ruins

(lit. wall-place) and profoundly meditates upon this sad life,

wise in heart, (he) often remembers many slaughters in battle

far (back in time) and speaks these words: (92) Where has

the horse gone ? Where has the warrior gone ? Where has the

giver of treasure gone? Where have (lit. has) the banquet

seats gone? Where are the revelries in the hall? Alas, bright

cup ! Alas, armored warrior ! Alas, princely splendor (lit.

splendor of a prince) ! How that time has passed away, grown

dark under cover of night, as (if) it had never been! (97)

Now the wall, wondrously high, decorated with serpent de-

signs, outlasts the beloved band of warriors. (99) The force

(lit. forces) of ash-wood spears destroyed the warriors,

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