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Translation One Manuscript Section 3a

lines 65-82

The Wanderer 

Translated by Robert E. Diamond

(lines 65b-83a)

(65b) A wise man must (be) patient,

nor must he (be) at all too irascible nor too hasty of speech

nor too weak a warrior nor too reckless nor too fearful nor

too elated nor too avaricious nor ever (lit. never) too eager

for glory before he really knows--a man must wait, when he

makes a vow, until, bold-spirited, (he) really knows whither

the thought of his heart will turn.

(73) A clever man ought to realize how terrible (it) will

be when all the wealth of this world stands waste, as now

variously (i.e., here and there) throughout this world walls

stand wind-blown, covered with hoar-frost, the dwellings

storm-beaten. (78) The wine-halls are crumbling, the rulers

lie dead, deprived of revelry, all the band of warriors has

fallen proud by the wall. (80b) War destroyed some, carried

(them) away; a bird carried one off over the high sea; the

gray wolf shared one with death;

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