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            Translation One Manuscript Section 2b

lines 51-65

The Wanderer 

Translated by Robert E. Diamond

(lines 51-65)

                                                                    . . . (he)

greets (them) joyfully, eagerly regards (his) comrades in

arms (lit. companions of warriors). (53b) They float away

again. The spirit of the floating ones (i.e., phantoms) does not

bring there many familiar songs. Care is renewed for him who

must very often send forth his weary spirit over the surface

(lit. binding) of the waves.

(58) Therefore I cannot imagine why throughout this

world my mind will not grow gloomy when I consider all the

life of men, how they suddenly left the hall (lit. floor of the

hall), the courageous young retainers. (62b) So this world

every day (lit. each of all days) is crumbling and falling;

therefore a man cannot become wise before he has his portion

of years in the world. (65b) A wise man must (be) patient, . . .

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