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Translation One Manuscript Section 2a

lines 34-51

The Wanderer 

Translated by Robert E. Diamond

(lines 34-51)

. . . how in his youth his gold-friend (i.e., generous lord)

entertained him at feasting. Joy has all disappeared !

(37) Therefore he who must knows (how to) do without

the instructive speeches of his beloved friendly lord for a long

time, when sorrow and sleep together often bind the wretched

solitary (one). (41) It seems to him in his mind that he is

embracing and kissing his lord and laying his hands and head

on his knee, as he sometimes formerly in the days of yore

enjoyed the gift-throne (i.e., the throne where his lord sat

dispensing gifts). (45) Then the friendless (lordless?) man

awakens again, sees before him the dark waves, (sees) sea-

birds bathe (and) spread their feathers, (sees) hoar-frost and

snow fall mingled with hail.

(49) Then the wounds of the heart are the more severe,

painful (with longing) for a loved one. Sorrow is renewed

when the memory of kinsmen passes through his mind;

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