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I am hoping to create and update a page of sites students and instructors may find or at least interesting.  Feel free to email me about  sites you think I should add.

If you need to contact me, my email address is--

General Sites

Oxford English Dictionary Site

Primary Texts On Line

Chronicle of Higher Education

Social Studies and History Resources

Student Generated Literature Site (non-authoritative responses, but useful summaries)

English Resources

Project Gutenberg English Language Texts

American Studies Project

Norton On-Line Website

Net Literary Resources

Berkely Online Texts

Religious Diversity Project (Harvard)

Christian Classics Library

Art Museum Consortium


Classical Sites

Berkeley Medieval and Classical Site

Perseus Greek Site


American Literature Sites

Early American Verse-Pre1920


British Literature Sites


Student Plot Summaries (Shakespeare)

Arden On-line Shakespeare



LABYRINTH Medieval Search Source

Online Resource Book for Medieval Studies

Internet Medieval Sourcebook

The Medieval Library

Medieval Resource Site

Old English Sources

Rick McDonald's Wanderer Site

Facsimiles of Medieval Text and Artwork

Berkeley Medieval and Classical Text Library


Medieval and Renaissance Movie Site

Society for Medieval Languages and Linguistics

Texas Medieval Association

BYU Scriptorium Images

Alchemy Site








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