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West Saxon Dialect

Nu sculon herigean  heofonrices weard,                       &
meotodes meahte  and his modgežanc,                        &
weorc wuldorfęder,  swa he wundra gehwęs,             &
ece drihten,  or onstealde.                                            &
He ęrest sceop  eoršan bearnum                                 &
heofon to hrofe,  halig scyppend;                                  &
ža middangeard  moncynnes weard,                             &
ece drihten,  ęfter teode                                               &
firum foldan,  frea ęlmihtig.                                           &

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Old English Our Father

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Fęder ure, šu še eart on heofenum,                            &
si šin nama gehalgod;                                                   &
to‑becume šin rice;                                                       &
geweorže šin willa on eoršan                                       &
swa swa on heofenum.                                                  &
Urne ge dęghwamlican hlaf syle us to‑deag,                &
and forgyf us ure gyltas                                                 &
swa swa we forgifaž urum gyltendum,                          &
and ne gelęde šu us on costnunge,                               &
ac alys us of yfele.   Sožlice
.                                         &