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EDUCATION           Ph.D. University of South Florida (August 1997)

                                    Fields: Medieval and Renaissance Literature and Critical Theory


                                    M.A. University of South Florida (June 1993)

                                    Field: Medieval Literature


                                    M.Ed. University of Florida (July 1989)

                                    Field: English Education


                                    B.A. University of Florida (May 1988)

                                    Major: English


DISSERTATION     Using the texts of mystics, Church Fathers, grammarians, rhetoricians, philosophers, and poets (primarily the

                               Beowulf poet and Chaucer), my dissertation documents the overt recognition of polysemous language in                                    medieval texts and suggests points of convergence with post-structural theory.

                                    Director: Professor Valerie Allen, Ph.D. Trinity College, Dublin


EXPERIENCE:        Utah Valley State College (1998-present) Assistant Professor.

Teach various courses in British Literature (before 1800–especially Medieval and Renaissance), Introduction to Literature, Literary Criticism and Composition. Taught numerous computer classroom sections and Internet version of Composition One.


University of South Florida (1991 to 1998). Taught Intro to Literature, Critical Theory, College Composition, and Business and Technical Writing. Taught numerous computer classroom sections.


                                    University of Tampa (1997 to 1998).

                                    Taught: Basic Writing and Grammar.


St. Petersburg Junior College (1992 to 1998).

                                    Taught: College Composition 1 and 2.

Hillsborough Community College (1995).

                                    Taught: Basic Preparatory Writing and Preparatory Writing Lab.




INTERESTS:            Medieval and Renaissance Literature, Critical Theory, Composition.



Journals/Book Chapters

“Enthusiasm and A’muse’ment: Making Students Crazy for Medieval Classes.” Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching. Spring 2007


                                    “Layamon.” Dictionary of Literary Biography. (30 page essay under contract–expected publication Dec. 2006)


“Animal Trials:Intentionality and Justice in Medieval Law.” Law, Justice, and Civic Virtue: Proceedings of the sixth annual Utah Valley State College Conference by Faculty. 2005. 41-50.


“The Epic Genre and Medieval Epics ” A Companion to Old and Middle English Literature. Westport, Ct: Greenwood Publishing. 2001. 230-54.


"Chronicles and Annals." Encyclopedia of Medieval Literature. Westport, Ct: Greenwood Publishing. 2000.


“‘And Very Good Lists They Were’: Select Critical Readings of Jane Austen's Emma.” A Companion to Jane Austen Studies. Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing. 2000. 97-114.


                                    “Exploring Chaucer’s Theories of Language: ‘Englyssh Suffissant’ and ‘Slydengness’ of Tounge” In-Between:

                                 Essays and Studies in Criticism 13.1 (March 1998): 31-48.


                                    “The Christianization of Pagan Myth: Chaucer’s Use of Ovid in The Book of  the Duchess.” Encyclia 1998.


                                    "The Reve Was a Sclendre Colerik Man." Chaucer's Pilgrims: An Historical Guide to the Pilgrims in the

                                     Canterbury Tales. Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing, 1996. 288-99.


Currently Under Review:

                                    "Wordely Things and Fleschely Conceits: The Efficacy of Language in Medieval Contemplative Texts"    

                                     Received by Mystics Quarterly January 2007


Book Reviews

"Review of The Writings of Julian of Norwich: A Vision Showed to a Devout Woman and A Revelation of Love," 16th Century Studies Journal. Spring 2007.


“Review of The Preaching Fox: Festive Subversion in the Plays of the Wakefield Master. Rocky Mountain Review. Fall 2005


                                    “Review of The Vulgar Tongue: Medieval and Post Medieval Vernacularity.” 

                                    Rocky Mountain Review. 2004. 71-74.


“Review of Rob Pope’s How to Study Chaucer.” Rocky Mountain Review. 56.1 (2002) 96-98.


“Review of S.H. Rigby’s Chaucer in Context.” In-Between: Essays and

                                     Studies in Criticism 6:2 (September 1997): 175-78.                         


“Review of Carolyne Larrington’s Women and Medieval Writing in Medieval Europe.” In-Between: Essays and Studies in Criticism 7.2 (September 1998): 211-15.


REFEREED WEB    The Wanderer Project.

PUBLICATIONS     wanderweb/ Linked as an online textbook by ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies (




                                    "Diving the Ineffable: Tracing the Ineffable through Medieval Contemplatives,"  Forty-second International

                                Congress on Medieval Studies, May 2007.


                                    "African Aesthetics and Medieval Christian Revelation in Yiimimangaliso." 13th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr                                     Commemoration, UVSC, January 2007.


                                    "Fast Food Education: You Want Fries With That?" UVSC's 2007 Conference by the Faculty, January 2007.


                                     "Identifying with the Divine: Defining Self through Union with God," Southeast Medieval Association, 

                                    October 2006.


                                    "Ethics and Interpretation:Emanuel Levinas, Sociality, and Interpretation," Ethics Awareness Week Conference at

                                     Utah Valley State, September 2006.


“Down These Mean Streets a Monk Must Go: Medieval Noir” Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association. October 2005.


“Contemptible Creatures: Unstable Identity and Mystical Union.” Southeast Medieval Association. 

September 2005.


                                    Thinking Back Can Be a Mother: Medieval Woman and Misogyny,”  Southeast Medieval Association,

                                 October 2004.


                                    “Animal Trials: Intentionality and Justice in Medieval Law” Utah Valley State

College Center for Ethics Conference on Ethics and Justice, October 2004.


            “Enthusiasm and A‘muse’ment: How to Make Students Crazy Enough to

Take Medieval Classes.” Thirty-ninth International Congress on Medieval Studies, May 2004.


                                    “A Paradise Within Happier Far: Organizing Internal Chaos in Paradise Lost

                                    Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association, Missoula, October 2003


“Crossing Boundaries of Sexual Identity: The Case of Male Medieval Mystics” Southeast Medieval Conference, Tallahassee FL, October 2002


                                    “The Soul’s Love for God: Erotic Language as a Solution to Ineffability.”

                                    Female Spirituality Conference, Pacific University, Oregon. March 2002.


                                    “Viewing Everyman: Helping Students Establish Links to Medieval Drama

and the Medieval World.” South East Medieval Association Conference October 2001.


“Performing a New Femininity: Maculinizing the Feminine in G.I. Jane and GirlFight.”Third Annual Utah Valley State College Conference by the Faculty. October 3, 2001


“The Unspeakable Gift of God’s Grace: A Sensual Solution to the Inefficacy of Language.” Thirty Sixth International Congress on Medieval Studies, May 2001.


“Disney Heroines and Gender Stereotyping: I’m a Damsel I’m in Distress I can Handle this.” Southwest Popular Culture Conference, March 2001


“Opening Up Meaning Through Electronic Manuscripts.” Thirty Fifth International Congress on Medieval Studies, May 2000.


“Manuscript Emendation and Purposeful Ambiguity in Old English Texts:  Preserving Multiple Meanings in ‘The Wanderer.” Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association, October of 1999.


"How Far Have We Come Baby? Popular Media Images of Femininity and Their Effects on Children." Gender Studies Conference of the Utah Valley State College Center For Ethics, September 1999.


“Insect Imagery in the Faerie Queene: What’s Bugging Spenser.” Utah Academy of Arts and Letters, Brigham Young University, April 1999.


            “Teaching First-Year Composition over the World Wide Web: A Progress Report.” Conference on College

        Composition and Communication, Atlanta,  March 1999.


“The Sensual Language of Medieval Contemplatives: Experiential Appeals in the Writings of Richard Rolle and Margery Kempe.” Southeast Medieval Conference, Atlanta, October 1998.


“Computer Discussions: Finding a Voice for Students, While Saving Your Own.” Western States Composition Conference, October 1998.


                                    “The Christianization of Pagan Myth: Chaucer’s Use of Ovid in The Book of the Duchess.” Utah Academy of

                                 Sciences, Arts and Letters, April 1998.


                                    “Virginity, Femininity, and Beatrice-Joanna’s Magic Box.” Sixteenth Century  Studies Conference, Atlanta, 

                                October 1997.


                                    “St. Anselm of Canterbury’s Mystical Sign Theory.” Southeast Medieval  Association, Nashville, September 1997.


                                    "Computer Discussions and the Mining of Meaning from Literary Works."  Florida College English Association, 

                                West Palm Beach, 1997.


                                   " 'Wordely Things and Fleschely Conceits: The Disavowal of Language in Medieval Mystical Texts." Southeastern

                                Medieval Association Conference, Waco, Texas, 1996.


                                    "Rethinking Revenge Traditions in Antonio's Revenge." Sixteenth Century Studies Association Conference, 

                                San Francisco, 1995.


"The Medieval Rhetorical Arts and Language's Instability." Southeastern Medieval Association Conference, Charlotte, 1995.


"Computers, Empowerment and College Composition." Florida College English Association, St. Petersburg Beach, 1995.


"Post-structural Theory in the Composition Classroom." University of South Florida's Symposium on Critical Theory and Education, Tampa, 1994.


                                    "Literature in the Composition Classroom: Burying the Hatchet." College English Association Conference, 

                                Orlando, 1994.


             "Exploring Chaucer's Expressed Theory of Language." Southeastern  Medieval Association Conference, 

         New Orleans, 1993.


                                    "Redeeming the Epic Through Popular Culture: Not Just Another Bogus Journey." F.S.U. Conference on 

                                Film and Literature, Tallahassee, 1993.


                                    "Modes of Understanding: Discursive and Empirical Ways of Knowing in Hamlet." Sixteenth Century Studies

                                Association Conference, Atlanta, 1992.



HONORS:                 2004                UVSC Trustees Award for Excellence (Service to the College)

                                    2003                HASS Faculty Excellence Award (Teacher of the Year)

                                    2002                HASS Deans Scholarship Award (for the Wanderer Project)

                                    1997                Harriet and Irving Deer Award for Excellence in Literature and Contemporary Culture 

                                                        (awarded for my dissertation).

                                    1992               Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society University of South Florida.

                                    1987               Inducted Golden Key Honor Society.


MEMBERSHIPS:    Modern Language Association, College English Association, Southeastern Medieval Association, Sixteenth Century

                               Studies Association, Utah Academy of Sciences Arts and Letters, Western States Composition Association,

                                   International Congress on Medieval Studies.



ACTIVITIES:            Associate Director, Center for the Study of Ethics (2006-present)

                                    Assistant Chair, Department of English and Literature (2002-2006)

                                    Faculty Representative, Web Advisory Council (2003-present)

                                    Faculty Senator, Utah Valley State College (2001-2004)

                                    Director, London Summer Study Abroad Program (2001, 2005).

                                    Chair/Member of 16 Department and College Search/Hiring Committees (1998-06) 

                                    Supervisor, English Computerized Classroom UVSC (1998-00).

                                    Reviewer, Simply Shakespeare Longman (2001)

                                    Webmaster, UVSC Department of English Web Pages (2000-01)

                                    Co-Author, Proposal for Utah Valley State College’s Baccalaureate English Program(1999).

                                    Member, Academic Policies Advisory Committee (1998-01).

                                    Member, World Wide Web Sub-Committee (1998-01).

                                    Member, English Department Composition Committee (1998-01).

                                    Co-Developer, British Lit. & Crit. Theory Course Curriculum (1999).

                                    Developer, Virtual College Composition Course for UVSC (1998).

                                    Co-Author, Survey of Current Interest in English at UVSC (1998).

                                    Presenter, University of South Florida English Department’s workshop

                                    on teaching literature and composition using computers (1997).

                                    Participant, University of South Florida's Center for Teaching seminar on

                                    active learning and creative thinking (1995).

                                    Reviewer, Allyn and Bacon for the college composition text The Call to Write (1994).

                                    Panelist, St. Petersburg Junior College symposium on implementing post-structural theory into composition 

                                classes (1994).



EXPERIENCE:        Assistant Chair: Oversaw $500,000+ hourly budget, Scheduled 200+ sections per semester. Oversaw 35

                             full-time faculty and 60+ part-time instructors. Worked with Chair and Deans office on workload, scholarship,                                  teaching, and budget issues related to the English & Literature Department.



EXPERIENCE:        Web Designer, The Wanderer Web–An Anglo-Saxon Translation and

Language Learning Program. Linked as Textbook by Medieval On-Line Reference Book:


                                    Supervisor, Utah Valley State College English Computer Classroom.  Responsible for scheduling, administering,

                                training, and teaching within the English Computer Classroom.

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