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Poetic Transcription


Ic is giedd wrece        bi me ful geomorre,
minre sylfre si.       Ic t secgan mg,
hwt ic yrma gebad,       sian ic up weox,
niwes oe ealdes,         no ma onne nu.


A ic wite wonn        minra wrcsia.
rest min hlaford gewat         heonan of leodum
ofer ya gelac;        hfde ic uhtceare
hwr min leodfruma          londes wre.
a ic me feran gewat          folga secan,


wineleas wrcca,         for minre weaearfe.
Ongunnon t s monnes          magas hycgan
urh dyrne geoht,        t hy todlden unc,
t wit gewidost         in woruldrice
lifdon lalicost,        ond mec longade.


Het mec hlaford min         herheard niman,
ahte ic leofra lyt         on issum londstede,
holdra freonda.        Foron is min hyge geomor,
a ic me ful gemcne          monnan funde,
heardsligne,        hygegeomorne,


mod miendne,        moror hycgendne.
Blie gebro        ful oft wit beotedan
t unc ne gedlde        nemne dea ana
owiht elles;        eft is t onhworfen,
is nu        swa hit no wre


freondscipe uncer.        Sceal ic feor ge neah
mines felaleofan        fhu dreogan.
Heht mec mon wunian        on wuda bearwe,
under actreo        in am eorscrfe.
Eald is es eorsele,        eal ic eom oflongad,


sindon dena dimme,        duna uphea,
bitre burgtunas,        brerum beweaxne,
wic wynna leas.        Ful oft mec her wrae begeat
fromsi frean.        Frynd sind on eoran,
leofe lifgende,        leger weardia,


onne ic on uhtan        ana gonge
under actreo         geond as eorscrafu.
r ic sittan mot        sumorlangne dg,
r ic wepan mg        mine wrcsias,
earfoa fela;        foron ic fre ne mg


re modceare        minre gerestan,
ne ealles s longaes        e mec on issum life begeat.
A scyle geong mon        wesan geomormod,
heard heortan geoht,        swylce habban sceal
blie gebro,        eac on breostceare,


sinsorgna gedreag,        sy t him sylfum gelong
eal his worulde wyn,        sy ful wide fah
feorres folclondes,        t min freond site
under stanhlie        storme behrimed,
wine werigmod,        wtre beflowen


on dreorsele.        Dreoge se min wine
micle modceare;        he gemon to oft
wynlicran wic.        Wa bi am e sceal
of langoe        leofes abidan.




Audio Files

In addition to the poetic transcription of the poem we have included a seqential reading of the poem broken into  12 distinct sections each wave is between 15 and 25 seconds in length and progress sequentially through the text.  The recording device was faulty and so the quality of the audio files is poorer than we would like, but we will attempt to fix these in the future, until then the links below will provide some opportunity to hear the poem read (although a bit crackly).

Segment 1


Segment 2




Segment 3




Segment 4




Segment 5




Segment 6



Segment 7



Segment 8




Segment 9



Segment 10



Segment 11



Segment 12