Part One - Circle the word or phrase that describes what you are like most of the time. Make only one choice for each question.

         A. Calm
         B. Spiritual
         C. Opinionated
         D. Nurturing
         E. Outgoing

         A. Considerate
         B. Idealistic
         C. Responsible
         D. Worry Prone
         E. Happy

         A. Helpful
         B. Reliable
         C. Assertive
         D. Kind
         E. Sociable

         A. Easygoing
         B. Analytical
         C. Action-Oriented
         D. Stubborn
         E. Carefree

         A. Sympathetic
         B. Patient
         C. Dominant
         D. Tolerant
         E. Enthusiastic

         A. Confident
         B. Naive
         C. Self-serving
         D. Suspicious
         E. Self-centered

         A. Loyal
         B. Contented
         C. Decisive
         D. Moody
         E. Playful

         A. Respectful
         B. Detail conscious
         C. Determined
         D. A good listener
         E. A party person

Part Two - Circle the answer that describes you best. Make only one choice for each question.

9. Your first reaction to a screaming child is to:
         A. Help them find their mother
         B. Bless them
         C. Run away
         D. Help calm them down/Comfort them
         E. Put on a skit or sing to them

10. Would you rather:
         A. Have a family
         B. Have a career
         C. Obviously this is a stupid question, because I can have both.

11. A friend comes to you with a problem. How do you help?
         A. Nurture and comfort them
         B. Pray for them
         C. Find a solution
         D. Bake them cookies
         E. Tell them a joke to make them laugh

12. Your favorite kind of music is:
         A. Classical
         B. Hymns
         C. Something not listed
         D. Nursery rhymes
         E. Swing

13. Your favorite story we've read this semester is:
         A. The Wife's Lament
         B. The Heliand
         C. The Battle of Maldon
         D. The Sea-Maiden (Celtic Fairy Tales)
         E. The Norse stories about Loki

14. Your Favorite toy as a child was a:
         A. Stuffed animal
         B. A book
         C. G.I. Joe
         D. Doll
         E. Karaoke machine

15. Your favorite class in high school was:
         A. English
         B. History
         C. P.E./Gym
         D. Home Economics
         E. Drama

A: B: C: D: E:
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