Assignments for ENGL 3000 (Professional Considerations for English Majors)


The Long Career Research Paper

The entire paper should be 5-7 pages, double-spaced typed in a normal-size, normal-style font.  There should be one inch margins all around.  You should use an accepted documentation style (MLA or APA are by far the most popular).  You must use at least 4 different sources in the writing of your paper, and you must cite those sources in the text and document those sources at the end of the paper.  You should use at least one personal interview with someone in your field of interest.

You should communicate your ideas clearly and effectively in a manner consonant with the accepted standards for college-level written English.  Your voice or tone should fit the attitude you want to convey about your topic.  Some papers will support a more formal tone and some a more informal tone.  Your tone should match your subject and its seriousness.

You need to collect, evaluate, and select information for inclusion into your research paper.  Based upon your topic and sub-topics, you should find evidence that will support all of your topic sentences.  Resist the urge to include information which is merely interesting but does nothing to support your thesis. 

Some Advice:
I can see this paper being developed in many different ways.  Here are some areas you might want to cover. (Do not attempt to string the answers to the questions listed below into a paper.  Write a paper that informs your audience about your career fieldBthe questions below might give you some ideas to write about.)

Area One
What is your career field?   What does a person with that background do?  What different types of jobs can they do?  How did the career developBwhat is its history?  Who uses the services of that field?  How important is what they do?  What about the profession often goes unnoticed?

Area Two
What are the requirements to become a member of this profession?  What education?  What do you need to do while in College to best prepare for this field? What community involvement?  What skills do you need?  How can you become a member of the profession?  What specific steps must you take to join its ranks?  What type of lifestyle does it enable?  What types of places might you work?

Area Three
What are the reasons for interest in this field.  What are two of the main sub-fields or areas of specialization within the field?  What are some of the important issues in the field?  How is the field changing?  How will it be changing?  What issue do you currently see as places where you would want to be involved?  Why?  What do you believe about one of these issues and why?



Every Student will submit a Resume on the final Day of class.  The Resume should follow the principles outlined in our discussions during class.  Resumes should be 1-2 pages.



You will have two opportunities to choose from six different short assignments.  You must do two different assignments.  Each summary will be 2-pages in length typed (600-800 words).  These summaries should help students to solidify their understanding of some element of English studies or careers they find interesting.  See List Below for Options.


Possible Short Formal Assignments


Short Alternative Career Paper:

What if your “Dream Career” (Or Long Career Paper Career) does not work out.  Do a short research paper of two pages on another possible career you might like to pursue.  Use some of the advice from the Long Formal Paper prompt.  (Should be 600-800 words in length.)


Educational Review:

Look at where you are in the English program/degree.  If you have more than 2 semesters left (not including this one), chart out a course of what classes you will take and what experiences you will seek out in the next two years in order to prepare yourself for a future career.  You will need to create a narrative of this process, not just a list. (Should be 600-800 words in length.)


Do A Skills Assessment (based on Chapter One of DeGalan’s Text):

Create a two-page document using the self-assessment recommendations listed in your text.  Possibly discuss what careers you believe will value those skills.  (Should be 600-800 words in length.)


Interview A Professional About Their Career:

Find an individual in the career field which interests you and interview them about their work and their educational preparation for their job.  Possibly apply this knowledge to your own pursuit of this career.  (Should be 600-800 words in length.)


Search For and Identify the Value of an Internship

Look for a potential Internship in a field that interests you.  Narrate you search for the Internship and evaluate what you need to do to secure the internship.  Also, discuss how the internship will be of value to your career goals.  (Should be 600-800 words in length.)


Search for and Identify the Value of a Specific Graduate School:

Look into two or three Graduate schools and report on what they require for entrance.  Discuss the relative advantages of the schools you identify.  (Should be 600-800 words in length.)