Bands and non-academic publishing

Thanks for checking out this section of the site.  For anyone who might be interested, what follows is a short history of the musical projects I've been involved with from 1986 to work in progress.  Details, photos, interviews, and reviews coming as I get the time, including, I hope, audio files of out of print stuff and links to currently available work.

But for now, a short history.  Below each band name is a summary of the information each page contains.


What's Happening Now?

New project with Kevin McCracken, JD Clem, Josh Doan, and Anthony Adani

2009-2014: Big Trub
(members, history, discography)

2008-2009: The Hundred Arms
(members, history)

2006-2007: Novelists
(members, history)

2001-2002: Still Breaking Hearts
(members, history, photos, discography)


1998-99: The Drive Home
(members, history)


1996-97: Sostenuto
(members, history)

1993-96: Harvest Theory
(members, history,discography,

photos,  links)

1988-92: Monsula
(members, history, discography
photos, links, interview)

1988: Tally Hoe!
(members, history)

1986-88: Poultry Magic
(members, history, links, 
member updates)