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Christa Albrecht-Crane
Christa Albrecht-Crane's Home Page
This page contains information about the courses, publications, and work in progress of Christa Albrecht-Crane. Her areas of interest are critical theory, cultural studies, and composition theory.

Mark Crane
Research--Mark Crane
This is simply a collection of things I have written or am working on, or am thinking about.

Doug Downs
Dr. Doug Downs
Professional homepage, vita, scholarly work.

bonnie kyburz
bonnie lenore kyburz, phd
My work involves studies in writing, rhetoric, and communication. I teach writing, rhetorical theory, grammar, gender studies, and more. I am interested lately in film and visual rhetoric(s). I can also now call myself a "filmmaker," as I have created a short documentary that tells the story of the National Council of Teachers of English and Rhetoricians for Peace-sponsored "1984 + 20 Project." The film is entitled PROPOSITION 1984 and will screen at UVS on October 11, 2005, at the Modern Language Association '05 convention (not in full, but as part of a talk), at the '06 Conference on College Composition and Communication, and possibly elsewhere. I continue to develop the UVS Communication Across the Curriculum (CXC) project, through which I work with teachers and students toward the evolution of their rhetorical skills in listening, reading, speaking, teaching, and writing.

Rick McDonald
Rick McDonald's UVU Web Pages
Rick McDonald is an Associate Professor in the English & Literature Department and uses the web for dissemination of research information and student instruction. His specific areas of emphasis are medieval and Renaissance literature, medieval mysticism, Anglo-Saxon culture and translation, and computer-mediated English education.

Lee Ann Mortensen
Lee Ann Mortensen's Web
This page is a gateway to my creative writing courses and to my current writing projects. Specifically, I am working on a new book called What My Lover Wants, a sequence of prose pieces about the desire to fall and the fear that it could happen. The falling I write about can take many forms: falling in love, falling from grace and God, falling away from expectation, or falling back into expectation, often a more frightening form of descent. These stories center on a queer character named Rhonda who, because of her desire to fall, and her previously over-protected life, has a hard time saying “no.” She often reels from what Milan Kundera calls the dizzying “emptiness below which tempts and lures” (Unbearable Lightness of Being 60). The form and theory of my writing also follows descents through the erasure of a number of boundaries and norms. For instance, I play within a neo-postmodernist, metafictional style that blurs the distinction between fiction and creative non-fiction. I also focus on non-politically correct, third-wave feminist and queer theory approaches to sexuality, gender, and spiritual belief. And I am a rabid regionalist. The West, and specifically Utah and its culture, are very legitimate, and deconstructive locations for my work. In other words, my writing is not universal or timeless, but it is often neurotic and humorous and still a little hopeful.

Grant Moss
Associate Professor, English and Literature

Ryan Simmons
Course information and research-in-progress
Course information, past articles, and a description of my research.

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