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Lawrence Gray
Stream Ecology
My research interest is in the ecology of streams and rivers with special emphasis on macroinvertebrate communities. I have studied streams in Kansas, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah from perspectives of basic research in secondary production, succession and nutrient cycling as well as applied research in effects of sedimentation and urban runoff on stream ecosystems. Current research involves sampling of macroinvertebrates for the Utah Division of Water Quality in the Spanish Fork River drainage basin in Utah County and the Weber River basin in Summit County, Utah, as part of ongoing monitoring of water quality for TMDL assessment. Also with the Utah Division of Water Quality, I am examining macroinvertebrates at 30+ sites in the wetlands surrounding the Great Salt Lake to determine changes in community composition in response to nutrient enrichment and salinity gradients. I have ongoing sampling in the Spanish Fork River basin to evaluate recovery of stream habitats and macroinvertebrate communities after stream rehabilitation. Sites include Thistle Creek and the mainstem of the Spanish Fork River.

James Harris
James Harris' Research

UVU Herbarium
UVU Herbarium
The herbarium houses over 11,000 accessioned specimens, with an average of 1500 specimens being added to the collection each year. Our collection has become an important research and teaching tool, as well as a documentation of the rich biological diversity of our region.

Heath Ogden
Dr. T. Heath Ogden - Evolution and Bioinformatics Research
My current research focuses on computational biology and comparative genomics and deals with the affect of alignment accuracy and indel models on phylogeny reconstruction as well as comparison in terms of accuracy of current alignment and reconstruction approaches.  My basic research interests are in organismal evolution to phyloinformatics and comparative genomics.  I am particularly interested in insect evolution and systematics, specifically within the basal pterygotes (mayflies, dragonflies, and damselflies), and the origin of insect flight.

Wayne Whaley
The Indra Swallowtail Butterfly
For about 19 years I have studied the Indra Swallowtail butterfly (Papilio indra) emphasizing its biology and distribution. I live near the center of its range, a logistically ideal situation for long term studies of this nature. A lot of my work has emphasized Utah and neighboring states, but I have covered nearly the entire known range of the species. I introduce you to the Indra Swallowtail butterfly. This species has no North American (maybe World) rival amongst the papilionids as far as its geographic variation.

Community Health
Dental Hygiene
Earth Science
Physical Education and Recreation
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