Trento - Day 2 in Canazei

Our second morning provided rain.  We had arranged to ride with Mirko, a waiter in our hotel who was friendly, spoke good English, and apparently was a Saeco fan.  However, after sitting in the garage chatting and watching water fall from the sky for an hour and thirty minutes, we opted to drive into Trento in search of the Moser - Simoni bike shop and other adventures.

in the garage

Sitting in the garage watching it rain and chatting with Mirko, our waiter in the Hotel Faloria (Canazei).

mike with mrs simoni

The Moser - Simoni bike shop is great.  It has a decent selection of cycling clothing, and more importantly, cases full of trophies, jerseys, and other memorabilia from the careers of Francesco Moser and Gilberto Simoni.   We met Arianna Simoni - Gilberto's wife - at the shop and got our pictures taken with her!

esta the

I just had to sample som Esta THE  - its one of the big Giro sponsors.

at the pump

Ed and Fred attempt to obtain diesel from a pump at a station outside of Trento.  Highly entertaining stuff.

fred gets some rem time

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