Men's 10 km classic + 10 km freestyle Pursuit, 14 February, 2002

The Men's pursuit was held Thursday at Soldier Hollow under beautifully sunny skies.  After a 6:15 am departure in the pitch black, we drove through a snowstorm and arrived at the venue with time to spare.  The racing was fantastic.  The even begins with a 10 km classic race in which the skiiers depart at 30 second intervals.  In the afternoon, the competitors complete the event by skiing 10 km freestyle.  In the afternoon race the skiier with the fastest time starts first, and the others are allowed to start after time intervals equal to their deficit to the fastest skiier in the morning.  Then the skiier who finishes the 10 km skate first wins.  


Justin Wadsworth powers up an early climb in the classic leg.  This is a steep hill but most of the skiiers were getting lots of glide and even double poling around the right-hand bend 50 m behind Bauer.  Muehlegg appeared to get less glide than most everyone - he just bulled his way up the hill.


This is Pers Elofsson double poling along a flat section during his classic leg.   He finished the morning's race in 9th at 32 seconds, and skated his way to 4th overall.  A dissapointment to him perhaps, but pretty damn great to any mere mortal.  Check out the timing chips strapped to his ankles.  

Estil Classic 1

Frode Estil puts the wood to it, double poling in the lanes.  Frode put up the 2nd fastest time in the classic leg and tied for 2nd overall.

Jak Mae

Jak Mae drools, gasps and double poles his way to a 5th place finish in the classic leg and a 9th overall.  You gotta love that name (it's pronounced 'yak my').  

Muehlegg classic 1

The man.  If the Germans had him on their relay team, Sunday's relay might have been a bit different.  Is frozen drool less disgusting than liquid drool?

Muehlegg classic 2

Now that's a pole plant.  Check out the position: the poles are nearly perfectly aligned in vertical planes parallel to his direction of motion.  His power was astounding.  

foto finish

The tie for second place (photo copied from The Utah Nordic Association website,  Estil is on the top, and Alsgaard is making the tremendous reach.  You can see a wake of snow behind Estil's trailing ski.   Was that the difference?

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