Three old cycling photos that I happen to have in digital format.                                                                                                     home

1977 Nevada City Classic Juniors.  First rider is Somepunk in an orange jersey, next rider is unkown San Jose club member, followed by Dan Brown of S.J., Michael Williams in the old beige Sacramento Golden Wheelmen jersey, the next S.J. rider is Dave Zanotti, and behind them is Tim Imai in his classic on-the-pedals stance.  You can just pick out the gold anodization on the Fiamme Gold Label rim on the front wheel of the guy in front; that wheel met a tragic demise on the hay bales at the bottom of the descent with 3 laps to go.


1980 Nevada City Classic main group.  Somepunk, from Davis Bike Club/Peugeot, is followed by an unknown San Jose (?) rider, Calvin Trampleasure in the Northern California District Road Champion's jersey, and Kent Bostick is in the Avocet stripe.  The squirting is being done by the father (partly hidden) of the punk in the Peugeot livery, and an unknown Sacramento rider/spectator.  If memory serves, Greg Lemond lapped this Pro/1/2 field twice - once with Kieth Vierra in tow and once with Toby Power hanging on for dear life.  

moabmtbsmod.jpg This is some poser in Schwinn Mod Light stripe at the1999 24 Hours of Moab.  The lights worked great - 2 hours burn time with full 45 watts of flame turning the night into day.  The final result was about 13th overall for Team Mod Light and 3rd in the Men's Veteran class.  The rest of the team was Scott Markewitz, Eddie Morani and Richard Picot.