Moab, Spring 2001                                                                                                                                                     home

Riding with Chris & Sterling McBride, Ed R., Trina, Dean & Leslie, Vince & Leslie from San Luis Obispo.  Peter and Emily ruled 
the hot tub, so long as the water jets were off.

Sterling, Mike and Ed in Hidden Valley, on their way up to see the petroglyphs on Moab Rim.


That's Mr. Sterling McBride admiring beautiful Jackass Canyon.  Porcupine Rim and the La Sals in the background.



Mike and Sterling in Jackass Canyon, on the way down from Porcupine Rim.  Vince is providing the special effects.


This shot shows Sterling contemplating the improbable portage up Jacob's Ladder to Amasa Back.  The route up the cliff begins near the
boulder directly above Sterl's head, and winds up through the shadowed break in the cliff that is above and to the left of Sterling.


Looking back down Jacob's Ladder, where Sterl is working his way to the top.  The wind was HOWLING.