Getting shuttled into the hut in a snowstorm - scarier flying, but better skiing!


The girls like the looks of the snow.


Two of the Chris's pose on Mount John Carter's little brother, with Kitchner in the background.


The view from Beaujolais to the north over Kaslo Lake and the hut.


The lonely trail towards Mount John Carter.


Pushing the envelope to 38 degrees and beyond on Beaujolais.


Snow signatures.


Far Left skis far left - for a good reason.


'Considerable avalanche danger: Human - triggered avalanches are probable on slopes greater than 35 degrees
in steepness and natural avalanches are possible.'  Hmmm. 



Tom looks back on the avalanche and Mt. Kitchner as the clouds roll in.


Telechick makes it look fun and easy in Grizzly Bowl.


The Foothill Freak floats through the powder on Smugglers.


The gang, aka Team Freak.  We thought we were leaving the next day....


But instead we spent all day waiting for a helicopter that didn't come.....


Because it snowed 3 cm per hour all day.....

We finally cracked and played silly games. 


And we figured, what the heck, why not SKI SOME MORE!