GEOL 3700 Laboratory Exercises

Lab One - Concepts and measurement of the orientations of lines and planes

Lab Two - Depth and thickness of bedding from well data

Lab Three - Outcrop patterns of strata, depth, thickness and orientation of strata from well and map data

Lab Four - Introduction to stereonets

Lab Five - Structural analysis on a stereonet

Lab Six - Interpretation of rock mechanics experiments

Lab Seven - Analysis of strike slip faulting associated with oblique subduction: interpretation of principal stress directions from mapped structures

Lab Eight - Description and analysis of folding in Rock Canyon

Lab Nine - Description and analysis of faulting at the mouth of Rock Canyon

Lab Ten - Interpreting the geometry of mapped structures and drawing cross-sections

Lab Twelve - Extimating crustal and lithospheric strength

Lab Thirteen - Geologic mapping in Rock Canyon

Example Products

Lab One/Two - Pace and Compass map from grass near settling ponds on campus