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This page describes in more detail the nature of the written assignments for this class. Further details about each assignment listed below will be made available in class. Please note that I will post the mid-term and end-of-term take-home exams later in the semester.

To encourage students to come to class prepared for discussion and maximum learning, there will be frequent quizzes on the assigned readings.  Quizzes will function in the following ways:


General Guidelines for Written Assignments

Critical Reponses
About every two weeks students prepare 2-3 page critical responses (for a total of five responses), due generally every other Friday at the beginning of class, in which they discuss the last two weeks’ readings, synthesize class discussions, voice questions about readings, and provide short analyses of the material. These responses need to be insightful, focused, and original. Most importantly, critical responses should show that you have read all readings carefully and that you have engaged with the ideas presented in the readings and in class. 

The list below indicates what I look for in these critical responses:

Mid-term Take-Home Exam

Access the mid-term here.

End-of-Term Take-Home Exam
Access the final take-home exam here