The administrative pages of the Research Server can only be accessed using secure communications. A security certificate must be used to provide that security.

Whenever you access the server, a security certificate is transferred from the server to your computer that contain the 'keys' needed to encrypt the web pages and your data. But since we do not have a server security certificate from a known provider (whom we would pay to confirm that we are who we say we are), the certificate you get is not trusted by your web browser. Thus, when you visit the admin pages, you will first get a message window asking if you want to trust the Research Server (after a delay while your browser checks the trusted servers for information about the certificate, and fails) . Click "yes" and you are in.

If you access the admin pages often, you might want to install the Server Security Certificate Path (the 'chain of command' for a security certificate), which tells your browser that any certificate from the Research Server is trusted.

1. Go to

2. Select the button next to "Retrieve the CA certificate or certificate revocation list". Click Next.

3. Click on the link, "Install this CA certification path".

4. Click Okay, and you should see the window exactly like the one shown below. Click Yes. What has happened is that the server security certificate path (the documents that say, "I am the Research Server, and the Science Server provided my certificate" and "I am the Science Server") have been installed on your computer with the notation that you now trust the Science Server and any certificates it issues.

You're done. You should now instantly enter the secure area of the Admin pages.