New Accounts
If you want an account on the Research Server, follow the instructions below and your account will be created automatically after your request is validated by a server administrator, a fellow faculty member. Your username should be your UV login name, and the password should be eight characters long and contain at least one number or punctuation symbol. This username and password is also your FTP username and password.
The password is case-sensitive.

1. Print and read the server policy and the server instructions.
2. Fill in the username and password information above.
3. "I am a member of the UVU faculty":
   Checked = "yes", leave blank if you are staff.
4. Reenter your password:
5. Click the Login button above.

Forgotten Password
If you have forgotten your password, do the following:

1. Fill in your username above.
2. Check this box:
3. Click the Login button above.

Your password will be emailed to you.


The Research Server is a faculty-operated web server for use only as a supplement to other servers already located on campus:

  • Class information should be placed on Canvas.  If you place educational content on this server you MUST link to if from within Canvas. You should confine all class content to your departmental subdirectory: http://research.uvu.edu/YourDept/YourDir/.
  • Professional information (bio/c.v.) must be placed on the Professional Pages. Again, if you place any bio/c.v. content here, you MUST link to it from ProfPages.

The publication of your research is the only aspect of the faculty web presence that does not already have a place. Hence, this is primarily the Research Server, for hosting the websites describing your research. Please use your root subdirectory,  http://research.uvu.edu/YourDir/ for showing off your research. Other content should be located in your departmental subdirectory or the other servers mentioned above.

All you will get with your account is FTP access to empty web directories. Please contact your department or school webmaster or web designer for help designing and producing content. You may consider your audience to be students, other faculty, professionals in your discipline from around the world, and potential donors. And, of course, the curious.

Please, try to hold your content to one or more of the faculty responsibilities: self, profession, students, colleagues, college, or the larger community. Read the server policy for more information.

Contact Bruce Parker, Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs, if you have questions regarding the content on this server, or concerning the server policy at parkerbr@uvu.edu or (801)863-8084.

Contact Bruce Wilson, bruce.wilson@uvu.edu, -7138 if you have questions about the web server itself or your access to the admin page or to your FTP account.

Contact Brett McKeachnie, mckeacbr@uvu.edu if you have questions regarding your access to the server or server security.

Click HERE for server security information, and for instructions on speeding up access to the admin pages.

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