Introduction to the butterfly

Habitats of the butterfly

Purpose of the Research

Methods  Capturing adults for eggs and searching for caterpillars on larval food plants
          Rearing of the butterfly

The Larval Food Plants

Lomatium brandegei
Lomatium parryi
Lomatium junceum
Lomatium graveolens
Lomatium eastwoodiae
Lomatium marginatum
Lomatium howellii
Harbouria trachypleura
Cymopterus panamintensis
Tauschia arguta

Cymopterus terebinthinus
Aletes acaulis
Lomatium scabrum
Tauschia parishii
Musineon tenuifolium
Lomatium californicum

Lomatium grayi
Lomatium latilobum
Lomatium macrocarpum
Cymopterus hendersonii
Lomatium lucidum

The Indra Swallowtail Butterfly

P. indra indra & P. i. fordi
P. indra pergamus, P. i. phyllisae & P. i. panamintensis
P. i. nevadensis
& P. i. martini
P. i. minori & P. i. kaibabensis
P. i. shastensis & P. i. pygmaeus
P. i. calcicola & P. i. undescribed race with calcicola

Indra populations in Utah and adjacent states

The St. George, UT area
The Southeastern Area
The Northeastern Area
The Northwestern Area and a new subspecies