Indra subspecies
P. i. pergamus, P. i. phyllisae, P. i. panamintensis

  Range Map - P. i. pergamus (Edwards) 1874, TL: Devil Cyn., San Bernardino Mts., CA (gray),
phyllisae (Emmel)1981, TL: Butterbread Peak, CA (yellow)&
panamintensis (Emmel) 1981, TL: Thorndike Campground, CA (orange)

P. i. pergamus adult male "Edwards' Indra Swallowtail" pergamus 5th instar


P. i, phyllisae adult male P. i. panamintensis adult from Panamint Range. Note the "peppering" of black scales in the postmedian bands.

Four P. i. panamintensis adults. Note that there is considerable variation in this race. Specimens photographed from the Panamint Range were on loan from the Los Angeles Co. Museum of Natural History.