Indra subspecies
P. i. minori, P. i. kaibabensis

Range Map - P. i. minori (Cross) 1937,
TL: Black Ridge Breaks, CO (magenta) &
kaibabensis (Bauer) 1955, TL: Bright Angel
Point, N Rim Grand Cyn., AZ (purple)

P. i. minori adult (full hw bands) P. i. minori adult (broken hw bands)


P. i. kaibabensis female from the Kaibab Plateau,
northern AZ. (photo by Steve Merrin and Wayne Whaley)

P. i. kaibabensis adult female




  4th instar on L. parryi
Note the big red (or orange) spots and prominent saddle
typical of minori or kaibabensis.

minori or kaibabensis 5th instar on Lomatium junceum Note the bright pink color typical of both races.
minori or kaibabensis 5th(left) instar compared to a pergamus 5th instar.

Five 5th instars of P. i. kaibabensis on Cymenopterus terebinthinus var. petroeus near north rim of the Grand Canyon National Park. June 13, 2002       Newly-discovered P. i. minori population found in the San Rafael Swell, UT, May 2004.
Photo by Bruce Wilson.